"Writing is one of the most powerful points of focus we have as human beings. Writing is an act of creation, as speaking is an act of creation. It's the impulse – the catalyst that takes an idea from the mind and launches it on its journey into the physical reality on the page. Writing is transformational: it has the power to transmit amorphous pulsations of thought-energy into concrete ideas through empty space. (...) Writing is an act of magic, a catalyst for manifestation."

Albert Flynn DeSilver from the book Writing as a Path to Awakening

I offer workshops and courses that combines writing and personal expression with movement, mindfulness and body awareness.

For me language has always been felt to be of existential importance. As a child I loved learning new words and combinations of words, but it often turned out I had gotten them slightly 'wrong' - I had created my own interpretations of the words I had heard. It was painful to get "corrected", and it never stopped being painful. At the same time it was always interesting to get into discussion about language, in the case when it was someone who wasn't just interested in "putting me right", but also in understanding in what lead me to see it in this way.

Later I studied anthropology, literature and foreign languages, and I explored performative ways of working with text and physical expression in front of an audience. I'm still sensitive to the possibilty of speaking or writing "incorrect", but over the years I have started to realise how many million ways each language can work and how individual our ways of using it can be.

The rules are there for a reason - to have a common ground in order to understand each other more easily - but they are NOT the definite truth and they are not static or set in stone. The true beauty of a language appears when someone takes the liberty to play with it in their own way – to turn and twist and mix absurdly common and strange combinations of words. Phrases, formulations and descriptions that point us to a new way of looking and things – to the individual perception of the person writing, or of the character he/she chooses to inhabit at that moment.

For me one of the most precious things we have is our own expression - our language - our individual way of understanding and perceiving the world put into a form that can be shared with others.

This is the space I would like to create for people through my work - both through workshops and through individual sessions. To see how each person can arrive at his/her way of expressing what moves, touches, motivates or causes them pain - through words and through movements. I think there is a great power there - both for healing old wounds and for finding the way back to trust and motivation.

Important aspects of the courses and workshop (often overlapping and intersecting each other…):

- With curiousity investigating our own personal expression and language as a basic source of inspiration for our writing (i.e. our preferences for specific words, subjects or discourses, the types of thoughts and associations that naturally come to us…)

- Exploring different possible sources of inspiration for our writing and expression (i.e. playing with language and improvised writing in relation to impressions gathered through physical sensations, mindful exploring of the space, or relating to texts and words of others…)

- Trying out different playful ways of surpassing writing blocks and other experienced hinderances to our creativity and free expression (i.e. investigating limiting thinking patterns and self-images, especially in relation to habitual tensions and cramped bodily positions. Working with mindful movement and attention towards bodily sensations to create shifts in perspectives and thoughts . Also separating the ’action’ of writing from the pressure of achieving something specific – i.e. simply dedicating time to flow writing without an aim, just being curious what comes.)

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Current Workshops and courses:

Happy Body Creative Mind - Drop-In online Training

Connection Monologues - 15-Min Morning Journaling/Free-writing

Moving Writing - Writing in Movement /Bewegtes Schreiben - Schreiben in Bewegung

Writing together - Shared digital Writing-Space