Hanna Nordqvist

What moves us always,
comes from what is hidden,
what seems to be said
so suddenly has lived in the body
for a long, long time.

David Whyte


I am Hanna Nordqvist - Berlin-based writer, practitioner and bodyworker. I offer you a space where you can rediscover and strengthen your individual voice and expression, and explore the wealth of experience and wisdom that is in your physical presence.

My aim: to help you feel more at home in your body, and thereby reconnect with the wondrous being that is YOU.

I offer body-orientated one-on-one sessions for regeneration, relaxation, and pain-management, and workshops and trainings that invite for playful explorations of language, body, movement and creativity.

Whether you are struggling with emotional or physical pain, recovering from illness, facing challenging situations at work or in your private life, feeling confused, frustrated or stuck, I would be happy to support you.

Through my work I encourage you to voice pains and fears and support you to find expression for your wishes and needs.
Whatever you are experiencing at the moment, reconnecting to your body is one powerful way of redirecting your attention to the moment, to rest and gather strength, and to (re)discover options, perspectives and resources that were dormant or hidden within you.

Want to find out if this is for you?

  • „The most important thing: I can breathe! Breathing is no longer a threat to me, not something bothersome to do. I can breathe in any part of my body.
    For me, breathing now means: strength and power, freedom and letting go, I can now travel and dream with my breathing. WOW!“

    – Petra
  • „Hanna supported me in a difficult time after a separation. I discovered that life can be much more than my thoughts, that pain and joy are really close together sometimes and that I have a choice, if I want to look at the bright or the dark side of life. Thank you Hanna for your magic hands, your words, your humor and your way of being a practitioner. It’s wonderful!“

    – Anna S.
  • "Especially important for me was to experience how dancing and shaking and feeling can free words, wake up the mind, make vision clearer and inspire me."

    - Lilly
  • „What really impressed me was the calming work with the body. The way that I can experience the effect in my body through foot and leg massage and use that in order to feel more liberated also in my mind.“

    – Susi