You are here because there are some parts in your life that you would like to bring attention to, critically reflect on, or in other ways give more space to:

Daring to tell more than just the one story.

Giving words to painful experiences and to the struggles of everyday, but also to your deepest desires and larger-than-life visions.

Seeing that your unique strength lies in the totality of this, and not just stories of failure or success.

Hanna Nordqvist

I work with individuals, groups and organisations who are seeking new responses and new ways of being.

I guide them to turn their attention towards the sensations in their body and watch the patterns or habits of how they deal with things. And then I guide them as they find new patterns and habits – through touch, asking questions, and giving them the space and time to put words to their experience.

My work is for people, who are longing for deeper connection with themselves and with the world, and who are interested in:

  • exploring the meaning of physical sensations,
  • feeling what their body is communicating with them
  • bringing wishes, visions, desires and needs into expression
  • feeling into the steps they need and want to take in their lives
  • and daring to stay connected to themselves and to the things and people that matter to them throughout the process.

My work is for people who are inquisitive, curious and like to explore. People seeking to see and relate to themselves and the world not as something given and ready-made, but as a web of complex relationships that needs to be sought for and cared for again and again.


Ever since my childhood I have been driven by an urge to understand. The ways people were moving and acting around me, the intricate webs of relationships between them, the stories told, the unspoken points of tension and touch, the unexpected turns and twists, the sudden experience of connection and then again disconnection – the whole complexity of living in a world full of inexplicable beauty and painful contradictions never stopped to intrigue and move me.

I am a writer, practitioner and trainer. Rooted in Sweden, but shaped and inspired by life and encounters in different countries and contexts. Together with friends and colleagues, I run a practice space for embodiment and creative expression in Berlin. My qualifications as a practitioner for embodiment are from the Grinberg Method and later the Pantarei Approach. From this foundation, over the years I have woven together different forms of body-oriented approaches as well as practices of creative writing and performance, into the work I practice now.

What I strive for in my work and in my personal life is to encourage and facilitate the deep-rooted feeling of connection to ourselves, to others and to the world we are living in. And for me one of the important keys to reconnect lies in the experience of feeling at home in our bodies.

I offer one-on-one-sessions, workshops and trainings, and regular movement- and writing-encounters.

All formats are intended as spaces to explore new perspectives, digest challenging experiences, to seek the words for what needs to be brought into expression, and to find the clarity and courage needed for the next steps – in your relationships, in your professional development, in your art, or in whatever part of your life that you want to bring attention to.

What interests you?