Hanna Nordqvist

One-on-one Sessions

In a personal process I offer you a safe space and a range of embodied approaches as encouragement to bring new perspectives and clarity to whatever topics you bring to the sessions.

Over a number of regular encounters I touch, ask questions, observe, and describe what I perceive. The intention of each session is to wake up and activate, to reassure and ground, to bring clarity, and to remind you over the body of your innate strength and your own unique way to move and act, to resist and create change.

You are welcome to bring any topic from your life to a session:

  • You have experienced a painful loss or separation
  • You are faced with a challenging decision in your private or professional life
  • You are struggling with a chronic pain or tension
  • You have a project where for some reason you don’t manage to make the progress you desire
  • You are feeling blocked in your creativity or ability to think freely
  • You are experiencing difficulties in expressing yourself
  • You are feeling exhausted or restless
  • You are feeling numb or disconnected from yourself or the people around you.
  • Or you are simply longing for a moment to relax, digest or let go

You don’t even need to have a conscious or well-formulated reason to come for a session. Maybe you are simply curious to try it out, have a sudden urge for change or feel that there must be other ways to relate to and experience life.

You are warmly welcome to contact me if you have any questions.
Or simply book a first session, if you are curious to try it out.

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What does a session look like?

Talking and touch are the basic ingredients of my work, but each session is shaped by the present topics, needs and wishes of the individual client and therefore can look and be experienced very differently from one person to another, and also from one session to another.

In the first encounter we will mostly take a greater portion of time to speak in order to frame the topic you want to bring attention to and to clear any questions.

After some speaking I will mostly ask you to lie down on the massage table in order to more directly invite your body into the conversation. In other words: I will touch and bring attention to different parts of your body. And together we will explore what physical sensations are there and what they are wanting to communicate or add to the topics you brought to the session.

 How should you prepare for a session?

The basic answer is: Come as you are – there is no need to prepare in any way.

Since I will often ask you to play an active part in the session, to bring yourself and your intentions into the work through words and movements, it can, however, be of benefit to wear comfortable clothes and not have too full a belly on arriving.

How many sessions are needed?

Seeing that any topic we bring to a session is just as beautifully complex and unpredictable as we are ourselves, it is impossible for me to say beforehand how many sessions you will need to achieve what you aim for.

I will mostly recommend to first of all simply book a single initial session in order to get a feel for the work. If it feels fitting for you, the first session can be extended into a try-out-package with two further sessions. At the end of the third session we will then shortly reassess what these first small impulses evoked for you and reflect in what form and regularity it could be beneficial to continue with further sessions.

How often should you come for sessions?

There is the option to come regularly (once per week or every two weeks) for a certain amount of time or for a set number of sessions to work on a single topic or towards a specific aim.

I am also happy to accompany you in a longer process over several months with regular sessions. This can be useful for example during a particularly challenging or intense time in your life, where you feel the need for a more continuous support.

It could however also be that one single session is all you need for the moment – to relax, reset, digest or ground yourself.

Maybe you decide to simply come for single sessions whenever you feel the need. Or maybe you decide to come for a few sessions every now and again, to remind yourself of insights gained, to deal with a new topic that has arisen or to dig further into a topic you have already related to in previous sessions.

All is possible and individually adaptable depending on your situation and what you wish to achieve through the sessions.

What does a session cost?

A single session has a duration of 60-70 Minutes (the first session 80-90 Minutes) and costs 80 Euros.

I also offer discounted session-packages:

  • Try-out-package (the first three sessions) for 180 Euros. Valid for 1 Month.
  • Five-session-package for 350 Euros. Valid for 4 Months.
  • "Session-subscription" with minimum two sessions per month on a fixed weekday and time for a minimum of three months for 60 Euros per session.*

Please speak to me if you feel that you could benefit from sessions, but have difficulties finding the financial means. We can see together what could be possible in terms of payment.

*For this offer I only have a limited capacity. 

You still have some questions I didn’t answer here?

I will be happy to answer any more specific questions in an initial session or in a free fifteen minute call.

Contact me or make an appointment.

„Digital connection“ - Is it possible to be „embodied“/„body-oriented“ online?

Before the corona-pandemic I would have doubted that a session online could at all come close to a session in person. I still believe that it depends on the individual needs and aims if sessions online are an option. The experiences I made during the pandemic years have made me realise, however, that there are even some particular benefits from getting sessions online:

  • It makes it clearer that the changes that happen are not something that I, as a practitioner, "do" but something that happens in you - something that you are playing an active part in.
  • The sessions are experienced not in a neutral praxis room, but in the middle of your everyday space. This can, on the one hand be a distraction, but can also help remind you both concretely what it is you want to change or move in your life, and also remind you of your own capacity to do it: i.e if you are able to open the perspective, change the mood and activate different forces and abilities in such a brief session time, what stops you from being able to do it also at other times?

  • The digital sphere makes it possible to have a session even if you are not able to come to our praxis-space in Berlin. It gives me the possibility to connect with you from anywhere in the world.

Curious to try it out?
I would be happy to meet you!

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DISCLAIMER: What my work can and cannot offer

Although my work aims to help people connect with their own powers and abilities and to increase their awareness of their own needs, it is not a medical treatment. As a practitioner, I do not diagnose medically, nor do I treat physical or psychiatric problems. My work cannot and will not replace such professional guidance and treatments, and neither does it give any guarantee of cure. Any medication taken before or during the process should be taken as directed by your doctor, and changes in medication or treatment should only be considered after consulting your doctor. If you notice any serious changes in your health during or after a session, it is important to inform me about this and to clarify this with your doctor or medical provider.

  • „The most important thing: I can breathe! Breathing is no longer a threat to me, not something bothersome to do. I can breathe in any part of my body.
    For me, breathing now means: strength and power, freedom and letting go, I can now travel and dream with my breathing. WOW!“

    – Petra
  • „Hanna supported me in a difficult time after a separation. I discovered that life can be much more than my thoughts, that pain and joy are really close together sometimes and that I have a choice, if I want to look at the bright or the dark side of life. Thank you Hanna for your magic hands, your words, your humor and your way of being a practitioner. It’s wonderful!“

    – Anna S.
  • "Especially important for me was to experience how dancing and shaking and feeling can free words, wake up the mind, make vision clearer and inspire me."

    - Lilly
  • „What really impressed me was the calming work with the body. The way that I can experience the effect in my body through foot and leg massage and use that in order to feel more liberated also in my mind.“

    – Susi